About Me

Hi! My name is Sarah and I am the owner and creator of Bettie Mae!

I have loved crafting since I was a little girl, a love of which my Mom (aka Sheela Mae) and my Grandma Fuzzy (aka Bettie Mae) deserve much of the credit for. They saw from a young age how I loved to create things with my hands and introduced me to their favorite creative outlets like sewing and crocheting- but also all the great crafts of the 80's and 90's like puff paint sweatshirts! (I have a funny story about this one...but that is for another time!)

Although I've been crafting all my life, it was just a few years ago that I started creating items to sell. I started with craft fairs (which I still love to do, but currently can't because ya know- global pandemic and all) and eventually moved into my online presence. 

After a very successful season of craft fairs, it became clear I needed a business name! I tried a name, just to get myself out there, but soon realized I needed a name that meant something to me and the business I was setting out to create. Naturally, my mind went to the most important women in my life! Unfortunately, we lost Fuzzy (aka Bettie Mae) when I was 15. I miss her every day and felt this was a wonderful way to honor her memory and the role she and my Mom played in my life as a crafter.

Growing up I've always been very close with my Dad. He called me 'Sarah Bear' or 'Bear' my entire life. Having lost him suddenly eleven years ago, bears have come to symbolize for me the close relationship and bond we shared. I was lucky enough to have a very talented coworker who was able to create the very loved bear that is now my logo. 

So now that you know a little bit about me I just want to thank you for supporting my business! Every purchase, social media share, and review makes my day! 

Thanks for stopping by!


Fuzzy (aka Bettie Mae) and I at my 8th Grade Graduation. 

My Mom and I on one of our many adventures!

The last photo taken of my Dad and I shortly before he passed.